The rapid development of global information and technology has made all kinds of information accessible anytime and anywhere. However, there is a primary concern about the widespread of health-related information; that is, about the health information that aren’t proven on scientific or medical grounds. While evidence-based health information are to be made known to public, the spread of unproven infomation (which may turn into hoax) must be limited.

For example, in attempt to lose weight, a person searches and reads articles on losing weight from unreliable sources in the internet. He or she may be interested in one or two fad diets and decides to blindly follow those diets. As a result, while he or she may indeed experience weight loss, he or she may also experience weight gaining in the future and nutrient deficiency, usually of minerals and vitamins. This deficiency is not obviously seen in people but can lead to malevolent effects in the long term − and it can be too late when diseases or illnesses related to those nutrient deficiency start to appear. Here we see a significant need for practical, accurate and evidence-based information on health nutrition to educate the society.

Therefore, a discussion forum where we can exchange ideas and experiences is required in order to improve and widen our broad of knowledge especially in relation to health and nutrition. The underlying reason for its urgency is to immediately create effective strategies in overcoming health and nutrition problems in hopes of achieving the national target of Indonesia Sehat (Healthy Indonesia) in 2020 to simultaneously drive the wheels of economy and contribute to the nation’s welfare. On the global scale, we hope we can contribute to the second Sustainable Development Goals, that is to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

In the need for the aforementioned forum, Himpunan Mahasiswa Gizi Kesehatan Universitas Gadjah Mada in coordination with the Health and Nutrition Department Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada proudly present the International Health and Nutrition Symposium to facilitate and support a forum with an aim to discuss and share experience between academic scientist, health practitioners, industry and government about the current development of nutrition, public health sciences, policies and health programs.

Under the theme “Nutrition in Degenerative Disease”, we aim to develop of the quality of Indonesian health society through better nutrition and health.

We warmly welcome participants from Indonesia and neighboring countries to join this international symposium. The congress expects to attract around 250 participants including health practitioners, local government in the health field, activists of non-governmental organization, researchers, lecturers, and students of health-related majors.


The International Health and Nutrition Symposium aims to bring together academic scientists, health practitioners, industry and government to exchange and share their ideas and experiences in health, lifestyle and nutrition. This will be a multidisciplinary forum with a focus on the innovations, issues and challenges relating to health and nutrition that Indonesia and the global word face to achieve a higher degree of health.


“Evidence Based Nutrition in The Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases”



  1. Public health, nutrition, and epidemiology
  2. Clinical nutrition
  3. Sport Nutrition
  4. Food Science and Food Safety
  5. Nutrigenomic and Nutrigenetic
  6. Biomedical Science in Nutrition
  7. Others (health-economic, socio-cultural aspects of health, etc)


  1. Saturday, November 9th 2019 : Symposium and Oral Presentation
  2. Sunday, November 10th 2019 : Writing Workshop “How to Publish on International Journal and How to Write A Case Report”


  1. 1st Wave : September 1st – October 5th, 2019
  2. Abstract submission deadline (for 1st wave): October 5th, 2019

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